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Dragon’s Breath stinks, but that’s a good thing!

It stinks, yes our latest product, pH neutral Dragon’s Breath stinks to high heaven, but that was only way we could ensure it removed the iron deposits found in ‘baked on’ brake dust from a variety of surfaces including chrome, polished alloy wheels, glass and paint (including clear coats) quickly, safely and effectively.

Dragon’s Breath causes a chemical reaction that forces the iron particles contained in brake dust and road grime to change state from solid to water. As the gel begins to work particles in the iron turn a dark red/purple and can then be wiped away, rinsed or jetted washed off. It’s so effective you’ll see results even on seemingly clean surfaces.

Unlike claying or polishing Dragon’s Breath stops the spread of iron particles beneath the surface, rather than simply removing the iron particles.

Dragon’s Breath is a Ph neutral formula comes in a clear gel form, meaning you can use just the right amount accurately and being pH neutral means its safe to use on all wheel surfaces.

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